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3M Glass Polishing Compound 60150

Scratch Removal Cerium Oxide Mineral, Assorted Glass Surfaces, One Step, A Bottled Liquid Compound, 3M Glass Compound

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  • What buyers say about 3M Glass Polishing Compound 60150

    Before using, shake the bottle well and add a small amount of product onto the glass.

    I am very happy with the results, I ended up polishing my entire windshield, it couldn't have been better.

    I wish I had taken a video from start to finish to show the public that it works and that they need to be patient and keep it wet and apply pressure, because this saved me 300 dollars for a new windshield for the vehicle to pass the Maryland State inspection.

    The product is great and I have never had the windshield on my vehicles clear and clean as a result of it.

    It is a good idea to add a coat of water, enough to make the water a "layer like glass", as it would burn up and become useless if you used smaller amounts of water.

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