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Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Compound

Fast Acting Scratch Remover, Cerium Oxide, Glass Polishing Compound

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  • What buyers say about Cerium Oxide Glass Polishing Compound

    I spent a ton of money on products that didn't really work and didn't really work, and then I got a quote for $300+ tax to change the whole windshield, and I saw a video on YTube of a girl polishing her Toyota MR2 windshield with this oxide

    I used it on my truck windows and it made my glass look 1000 times better.

    I used this product on my truck windows and it made my glass look 1000 times better.

    The product took off all the water spots and made the glass clear.

    It is high quality.

    Common Questions


    I have a scratch on my bathroom mirrors, will this work? Can it do more damage?


    I used it on my original side glass on my 1970 Camaro to take out some deep scratches and the glass on your mirror is plate glass, so its softer and will be easier to take out the scratch.


    I'm not sure if it will work on house windows, they're thinner than windshields and I worry about cracking the window while buffing.


    Even household windows can be used with Cerium Oxide, you need to check the depth of your scratches, if you run your nail across the scratch and it catches at all, those scratches are too deep for removal.


    Is it possible that it will remove fine pits caused from sand hitting the windshield?


    It is likely, but just know that it will take forever.


    Is it possible that this will remove acid etched graffiti?


    Depending on the depth of etching and how long you are willing to polish it.


    Is it possible for cerium oxide to remove watermarks from sprinkler spray drying on my window?


    The calcium/lime removal solution will work well.

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