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TechDiamondTools Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing Compound

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  • What buyers say about TechDiamondTools Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing Compound

    When I first heard about the benefits of using the green stropping compound on knives, I thought it would make them sharper, but I was wrong.

    I don't do many reviews and only write one if I find something worthy of one and well folks, but I think this diamond paste is something that deserves a review, because my father taught me how tosharpen knives at a very young age.

    I used the 14K grind paste on the blade edge of my knife to give it a nice mirror shine, even though I am not yet neurotic enough to check my work under a microscope.

    This is a new product that comes in a syringe so you don't have to worry about it drying out and you can use it for more than you need.

    This is my first purchase of a diamond- infused compound, so naturally I read through the majority of reviews before purchasing, and though overall positive, there were complaints about the consistency of the paste being too difficult to work with for stropping knives.

    Common Questions


    How would you load the leather stope?


    I'm not sure if I'll get this right, but I'd rub it in evenly and make sure it's even coating.


    Is it possible to use this product to remove hard water marks from a crystal vase?


    If the marks are really thick, you may need to start with a small amount of 24,000 grit and then continue with 50,000.


    How do you know the best concentration to use?


    It is better to have a higher concentration of diamond powder than a lower one, as the more polishing needs to be done on the same surface.


    Is it possible to hand polish slightly etched granite with this?


    It is better to use a power buffer with a soft pad and lapidary past, as the seal on your counter may be applied too.


    Is it possible that it will polish zirconia?


    The brand will polish Cubic Zirconia but 1/2 micron is needed.

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