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TechDiamondTools Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing Compound

A Shiny And Rust Resistant Finish, Rock Glass Metal Jewelry Resin Marble, Techdiamond Tools Diamond Lapping Paste Polished Compound 1050 Mesh 12-20 Microns Lapidary Paste

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  • What buyers say about TechDiamondTools Diamond Lapping Paste Polishing Compound

    I am not sure what a final polish of 8,000 or 14,000 would do, although it looks superb and flawless, I haven't tried that yet.

    The key to perfect is to be patient and use an electric speed control rotary tool that is compatible with 3/32 pro bits.

    I tried a lot of different diamond pastes and finally decided to try TechDiamondTools, it was the only one that worked for me.

    I bought 6 different kinds of diamond paste and it worked for me, so I'm going to post more pictures of scratched up watches if Amazon allows me.

    I received my order a day early and it took less than half the time I usually take topolish new rifle barrels.

    Common Questions


    Would this work for an iphone with light scratches on a small corner of the screen?


    It works, put a little bit of the diamond polish on a small piece of lint free cloth and polish in a circular motion on the scratches with care, avoid the edge of the phone.


    What kind of oil do you use? Can I use it on a leather strop?


    I mix the Australian bees wax with Vaseline in a pre-mixed paste for lapidary, which doesn't need an oil.


    What is the significance of the concentration, if there is more powder in it than the other way around?


    If you need to polish something small and once, light concentration will work well. But for professional usage and/or larger scale work we recommend to take higher.


    I was wondering if this would be a good step up from a 600 grit diamond stone or if I should go higher or lower, also is this effective on 20cv steel?


    Not familiar with that steel. From 600 grit a lot of time to what this diamond dust can get an edge to will be required.


    I want to do a polish on my phone, but do I need another special cloth to do it or I can just do it with paper towels?


    We specifically designed TechDiamondTools wool cloths that work best with diamond compounds, but pretty much any wool cloth would be fine.

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