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DEWALT Wire Brush, Knotted, 1-Inch (DW4902)

Demanding Quality Specifications, 1 Inch, Dewalt Wire Brush

H&F Rating 175 reviews
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9.31 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about DEWALT Wire Brush, Knotted, 1-Inch (DW4902)

    I have used it to remove rust from the frame of my truck and it is still intact, it does the jobs I need it to do without shed any bristles.

    The brushes are heavy duty, and could really take a beating before coming even close to unraveling, so I wouldn't recommend using a pneumatic die grinder as opposed to the electric options.

    The product works well in a high speed die grinder, but you are not taking your life into your hands by using it.

    I used this to clean wheel hubs and it works very well with my air grinder.

    Durability was a concern but that proved to not be an issue as the product was good quality and an excellent choice for the job.

    Common Questions


    What's the maximumrpm?


    It says 20,000 and also says wear thicker eye protection at higher rpms.


    Will it work on a regular drill?


    It's designed for die grinder use and can run at 20,000rpm.


    Can this be used as a drill attachment to remove rust?


    Yes, it's well made and you can.


    Is there a way to clean up the cast iron grids on my gas grill?


    This is an aggressive wire brush that is to be inserted into a high speed grinding tool.


    Is it possible to use this to sand 1/3 copper?


    It will put gouges in it because the steel bristles are much harder than copper. You should get a brass brush at most and ideally a copper one "IF" synthetic plastic bristles don't do the job.

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