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DEWALT Wire Wheel, Crimped, 6-Inch (DW4904)

E, This Is Manufactured In China, Crimped, Constructed With Internal Holding Plate To Ensure Consistency And Safety, 6-Inch (Dw4904); This Are Easy To Use, Highly Specified Wire Grades, This Are Highly Durable

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  • What buyers say about DEWALT Wire Wheel, Crimped, 6-Inch (DW4904)

    The wire wheel brush is very soft and provides a flat surface to work with, which is a really nice benefit after I'm done cleaning up my steel.

    I have used 6 brushes, but this is the best one I have ever used, and I didn't get a discount for saying this.

    I have been using this wheel for a few months now and I have to say that it is very easy to use and fits perfectly on my bench grinder.

    The wire wheel is better than the cheap one I bought for half the price, and the balance is better as well.

    This is a great product to use at home or in the garage to quickly clean up dirt and rust from metal products, lawn mower blades, nuts and bolts, and other items.

    Common Questions


    It's like ordering shoes without knowing the size.


    The DW 4905 is a wide face and may not fit some grinders.


    What is the width of this wire brush wheel?


    I've used mine a few times and originally it was around 3/4" wide at the bristle end, but now some of the bristles have spread out a little and it's more like 7/8" wide. They brush the sides of the grinder lightly but I feel that is normal and no problem at


    Will the hole fit on a 3/4" shaft?


    It had to be fitted with a spacer bushing to fit on a three/fourths inch shaft.


    I got a 10 inch wire wheel with a 3/4 arbor hole, but I don't know what the next size is.


    Measure it, I think it's 5/8, but you should.


    Will it fit the Skil 6" grinder?


    It depends on the arbor size, but I'm sure it will.

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