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DEWALT Wire Wheel for Bench Grinder, Crimped Wire, 8-Inch (DW4906)

Wire Is 100% Inspected To Meet Demanding Quality, Highly Specified Wire Grades Are Constructed With Internal Holding Plate To Ensure Consistency And Safety For The Wire Wheel, Constructed For Even Balance Which Provides Smooth Performance With The Wire Wheel For Angle Grinder

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What We Like

  • Highly specified wire grades are constructed with internal holding plate to ensure consistency and safety
  • Constructed for even balance that provides smooth performance
  • Wire is 100 inspected to meet demanding quality specifications


  • may not fit all model

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  • What buyers say about DEWALT Wire Wheel for Bench Grinder, Crimped Wire, 8-Inch (DW4906)

    The DeWalt version is as good of quality or better than any other I have used, no vibration excessive noise or anything like that.

    The first wheel is still good, but the wires have been shortened for better rust protection, so I was surprised that they never flew out from the wheel.

    After giving a glowing review of the wire wheel, I used it to clean up a piece of iron that was lightly rusted, and the wires are now bent to the outside and rubbing on my grinder.

    The wheel has held up well in my auto repair shop, even though everything from locktite covered bolts to exhaust manifolds has been unable to tame this wheel when mounted on a strong electric motor.

    It will do it in a record time, but it could be a little bit better for home use.

    Common Questions


    What are the dimensions of the product?


    I think these are package dimensions, because they don't match what you're ordering.


    I need a wire wheel of 8x5 and 8x1 inch. Can anyone tell me how to measure it?


    There is a center insert that can be removed so you can fit the 5/8" arbor.


    Is it possible to get different wire material like steel, copper, and stainless?


    Yes, Bronze,SS, and other fibers, but maybe not on Amazon.


    What's the thickness of the wires?


    You'd have to put two of these together to get the width you want. I've done many times over the years and it's works great, just put a few large washers with a 5/8" center hole to hold both wheels steady, tight and secure.


    Will I need to stack washers to mount the wire wheel?


    If you can't adjust your guard, the grinder is better for 6 wheels.

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