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DEWALT Wire Wheel, Stringer Bead, 4-Inch (DW4925)

Internal Holding Plate Construction, Reduced Knot Movement, And Increased Control, The Wire Wheel

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  • What buyers say about DEWALT Wire Wheel, Stringer Bead, 4-Inch (DW4925)

    I have used cheap harbor freight wire wheels for a long time, but never again, because I need something fast to prep my rusty ford f250 for rust removal. I have a rusty ford f250 that was a northern truck and needed something that would work fast on the underbody

    I have been using this wheel for a number of months and it has been a good one for removing rust in corners, painting, and cleaning a mill scale.

    I always look for them, they seem to last a long time.

    The wire wheel stood up as expected and I will buy the same one when it wears out.

    This is the best wire wheel I have ever used.

    Common Questions


    Does it have a threaded arbor nut or a shank hole?


    It's threaded.


    Why is this 4 inches larger than 4.5 inch?


    The most common size for a Stringer Bead brush is 4-1/2", but other manufactures also sell it.


    Is it possible to put this on a 4 1/2 inch grinder?


    If you have a 5/8-11 thread grinder, it would work, but consider a made in USA brush as the wire in USA brushes is better.


    Is this item as durable as the Forney 72759?


    The Forney is a standard twist brush, the DeWalt is a Stringer Bead brush, and they are both made in China.


    What is the width and thickness?


    The wire quality is much better on USA made brushes, less wire flying out of the brush.

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