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Forney 72733 Wire Wheel Brush, Coarse Crimped

2-1/2-Inch-By-.012-Inch, Forney 72733 Wire Wheel Brush, Coarse Crimped With 1/4-Inch Hex Shank

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  • What buyers say about Forney 72733 Wire Wheel Brush, Coarse Crimped

    My pans were so bad that my dad used them on his old pan which had tons of dirt build up.

    I attached it to a 6 inch extension to give me more room to work around the water main and water meter area, it works very well and as intended, and I can clean the pipes easier and faster.

    I have used this tool on a number of projects. I have also used some heavier duty wire brushes.

    I use it to clean brake parts, and I bought a new one for a friend who kept having to use it so much.

    I used it to renew my cast iron pans, they used to burn when I seasoned them, but now they are amazing nonstick pans.

    Common Questions


    Is it possible that this would work to smooth a cast iron pan?


    This one didn't last and shed the crimped wires faster than it cleaned the surface.


    Is it made out of 304L wire?


    This is not made of stainless steel, according to the MSDS, it is regular carbon steel.


    Can this attachment be used with a drill to remove paint from wood furniture?


    The results of my experience with the rotary wire wheels to strip paint have been less than I had hoped.


    Will this work to remove rust from cast iron pans?


    This should work if they are smooth.


    Is there a way to sharpen an ax with this?


    A wire brush is used to remove paint and other coatings.

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