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Vladimir Nabokov Pale Fire DVD Review

Pale Fire ; Vladimir Nabokov

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  • What buyers say about Vladimir Nabokov Pale Fire DVD Review

    Pale Fire has a lot of great material, and it is fitting that it has a section about an assassination attempt where an incompetent hitman has to keep disrupting the business of assassination to deal with severe consequences.

    I don't think e-readers and Amazon's Kindles are good for this type of reading, because the book's structure requires the reader to flip back and forth multiple times, and it's much faster and easier to flip a paper book.

    Pale Fire is a hall of mirrors because of his thought process, which is similar to an internet cul-de-sac that can take personal quirks and prejudices and turn them into a firm belief in a flat Earth or the evils of 5G.

    I think my 4 stars should be 3.5, and I need to revisit this in 6 months, where my start could change anywhere from 3 to 5.

    The main character in Pale Fire is an amalgam of several professors and literary artists I've known. I can't wait to turn the page and hear the next intricate and intellectual mini-tale the author tells as the story moves forward.

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