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The Atlantropa Articles: A Novel

The Atlantropa Articles: A Novel ( For Fans Of Harry Turtledove And The Divergent Series ; Cody Franklin

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  • What buyers say about The Atlantropa Articles: A Novel

    The book only had188 pages, but it made me sleepy for 3 weeks, even though it only took 3 pages to close my eyes.

    I came because of his channel, and I thought this was going to be an interesting trip of worldbuilding, I wasn't concerned much about the characters.

    The state was in a decent state, and would recommend it as an introduction to alternate history or just a change of pace when writing about the Nazis.

    This is a very gripping and brutal tale that does a great job of showing a visual representation of the story world and his videos of alternate history are always interesting and shown even more in this book.

    The focus on the brothers was the main issue that bothered me, but the rest of the cast was not as important as it should have been.

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