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ABLEGRID 12 Volt Power Supply - 2.5 Amp Standard (12V 2.5A DC) Adapter

Ablegrid 12 Volt Power Supply, 100-240Vac 50/60Hz, 2 Usb Output Ports, 2.5A Dc Adapter, High Static Pressure, Ofc Cable, Over Voltage Output Protection

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  • Common Questions


    Will 2500ma be too much for it to be required by 900 ma?


    No, ignore chiburbbrat, he doesn't know and posted a bad guess. Your device will only draw from a 12V power supply if it needs 900 mA.


    Is it certified by the UL?


    The UL symbol can be seen on the adapter.


    Will this product work with the CM Storm SF-19 laptop cooling pad?


    You can either fix the cord by connecting the cut wires, then wrap with electrical tape, or you can cut the wire, remove some of the cord insulation, add some shrink tubing, and connect the exposed wire.


    Will this work with a high definition security camera?


    I bought this to be compatible with my device.


    Will it work on a routers called Sagemcom 5260?


    You need to look at the device very closely. You will see if the center is + or -, then look at the voltage and the amperage.

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