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AC DC Power Supply for Bose Soundlink

Ac Dc Power Supply, Bose Soundlink I Ii Iii 1 2 3 Wireless Mobile Speaker, Bose Charger Power Cord, 6.5Ft, Soundlink Wireless Speaker

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What We Like

  • Built-in over current protection ensures safety
  • Features 3 portable sound link Bluetooth speaker that allows connecting the device easily
  • 17 V of output makes it convenient to use


  • may not be ideal for soundlink

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  • Common Questions


    I don't know if it is the charger or the speaker that is faulty.


    I bought a new charger, I try connecting my speaker with some chargers that I had around the house, but it wasn't working.


    A: Need a Bose soundlink 11 charger for my car cigarette lighter.


    It says what you have in the description, but if it doesn't say anything about what you have, then don't buy it.


    Does this have a 2.5mm plug, I don't need it for the speaker, I just need a 20 vdc charger.


    It's 5.5.


    Does it work for Home 300?


    The charger is only compatible with Bose Soundlink I / 1; Bose Soundlink II / 2; Bose Soundlink III / 3.


    Does the power cord fit the bose soundlink?


    If you're looking for a compatible Bose soundlink, you should search this one: B07W8VD18V.

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