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SoulBay 12W Universal Multi Voltage AC/DC Adapter

This Adapter Output, 8 Selectable Adapter Plugs, 12W Universal Multi Voltage Ac/Dc Adapter Switching Power Supply, The Efficient Voltage

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What We Like

  • Built-in 3V to 12V voltage range makes it compatible with various devices
  • Equipped with 8 adapter plugs that makes it versatile to use
  • Comes with over voltages, current and temperature protection that makes it safe to use


  • Difficult to assemble

About SoulBay 12W Universal Multi Voltage AC/DC Adapter

Soulbay 12W Multi-Voltage AC DC Power Supply Adapter for 3v to 12v small electronic devices. Features include worldwide input 100-240VAC, regulated accurate output in multiple voltages, eight adapter plugs. Replacement, upgrade and Spare power needs. With 8 connection tips, the various size can satisfy your different needs, and the different adapters can bring you much convenience in your daily life. The voltage selector, you can easily switch it using the provided key.

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  • Value for money
  • Common Questions


    I have a Gemmy indoor football player that needs a 12 watt charger, so I'm wondering if this will work.


    It's not 100% sure, but you should list three points to help you distinguish if it's compatible. The maximum current is 1.2 Amps. If needed, please search: SoulBay 30W.


    Can this adapter output 12v at.5A?


    It can, FYA, find a suitable adapter plugs for your device.


    I don't know what "inner positive" means, and how can one tell if a device is?


    It's difficult to say which is the better, the female plug is positive, and the male plug is negative.


    What are the Amps when using the 12volt setting?


    The maximum current at 12 Volts would be 1 Amp if we include losses a IxV of greater than IxV, so we can substitute and get IxV of greater than IxV, so theoretically the maximum current at 12 Volts would be 1 Amp.


    What is the length of the card?


    The cord length is 43.3 inches, about 110 centimeters.

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