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SoulBay 30W Universal AC/DC Adapter

Micro Usb Plug, Universal Ac Adapter, 8 Selectable Adapter Tips, 3V To 12V Household Electronics, 30W Universal Ac/Dc Adapter Switch Power Supply, 12V Household Electronics, Improved Version Soulbay 30W Universal Ac/Dc Adapter Switch Power Supply

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  • Common Questions


    Would 2a at 3v setting be sufficient for the mattel toy?


    The product's standard output is 2A and there is a setting for 3V, but it's not compatible with laptop or other over.


    Can you tell me how much power the 30W supply is at 12V and 2A?


    The charging port can be used for 30 watt or less, but at 12 volts it can only provide a max. of 2 Amps.


    Do you have a postive inside or negative inside?


    I have used polarity reversing cable for guitar stompbox power supplies and no problem, you can buy it online.


    Will the tips come off if you tug on the cord?


    When you connect these tips with the cord, please be aware that it comes into a tight connection.


    Is it possible for this to work as a replacement charger for echo plus?


    It depends on the voltage needed and what kind of plug it is.

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