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Carabiner 12 Pack - 3" Aluminum Carabiner D Shape Buckle Pack, Keychain Clip

High Quality Aluminum, Aluminum Carabiner D Rings, Spring Snap Key Chain Clip Hook Buckle, Storage And Organization Tools, 3 Inch Carabiners

H&F Rating 84 reviews
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What We Like

  • Functional design makes 3-inch carabiners easy to open and close
  • Made of high-quality aluminum that can withstand the elements for greater durability
  • D rings keep valuables and keys secure and organized during outdoor adventures


  • may pull apart with medium effort

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We analyzed 24,946 reviews for 61 products in the Accessory & Keychain Carabiners category.

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8.68 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Build quality
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Size
  • Sturdiness
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Carabiner 12 Pack - 3" Aluminum Carabiner D Shape Buckle Pack, Keychain Clip

    I was looking for something that was sturdy and handy for clipping waterbottles and other important items to your bag at camp, but I wasn't prepared, these things wear out, but I had only taken one with me.

    A dozen of these should last me the rest of my life, because they have a strong spring and a smooth edge.

    I used these for everything I needed them for, they held up, not sure how you can go wrong with a Carabiner, but they worked for everything I used them for.

    The keys will always be on the end, which makes it hard to remove, and your children will steal them, and defend them against the father that doesn't want them stringing 25 D rings to the dogs collar.

    I picked these carabineers up to replace the plastic ones that came with my hiking bag, they were just as good.

    Common Questions


    What's the weight rating?


    Not sure but they have sport bottles and bags on top of fence.


    Can it be used to hook up a 20 millimeter square bar?


    The widest point in my measurement is 18mm.


    Will it fit over a 1 inch pipe?


    I use one of them to keep a bench closed and the bracket is over an inch wide.


    Is it correct that some carabiners have a flat section opposite the gate, but these appear to be round all the way around?


    There is no flat section for the carabiner.


    Where do these come from and what is the substance in the coating?


    They are made in China.

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