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sprookber 3" Aluminum Carabiner D Ring, Caribeener

Great Convenience, 3 " Aluminum Carabiner Clip, 30 Mm Steel Rings, The Split Key Chain Rings, Design Multicolor Aluminum Caribeener Clips, Improved Spring Clip, Camping Gear

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What We Like

  • Equipped with hooks are perfect for Backpack, Key Ring, Dog walking, Camping, Hiking etc
  • Features a spring clip that can be opened and closed many times which makes it convenient to use
  • Made of high-quality aluminum that makes it durable


  • may moderately support 150 lbs

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  • What buyers say about sprookber 3" Aluminum Carabiner D Ring, Caribeener

    I use Carabiners for everyday functions, not climbing, and I hang things on them at home, so they don't get in my way.

    These are under a buck each with a spring steel clip ring included, and are very useful if you intend on using them, even the one I spread is still useful and could probably be closed back up if I set my mind to it.

    They are not for climbing and are perfect for hanging keys, hanging items on backpacks, or any other use you might have for a carabiner.

    I use these carabiners to make key rings for my lawn machines, and they are very light and easy to carry around.

    I was very impressed with the variety and presentation of the 3' aluminum carabiner D rings. I use them for everyday functions, not for rock climbing.

    Common Questions


    Is the D type key rings standard or flimsy?


    The carabiners are not for climbing, but the quality is decent and the print in the latch will stay away from wear out.


    Are these carabiners strong enough to hold a leash to walk an 90lb dog?


    I think they would be string enough for a 90 lbs dog, but haven't used them for that.


    Where are these manufactured?


    If these are not advertised as USA then I would suggest they be made in China.


    Does the carabiners set come with key rings?


    Yes. My husband and I used the key rings for our homemade tether ball poles.


    Is it possible that these would work to secure my fishing rods in my kayak?


    I think you could use them tolatch the rods together or to put a d-ring on the kayak.

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