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Budget Planner (12 Months Undated), Finance Journal, Expense Tracker, and Bill Organizer

2 Thick Front And Back, The Limitless Mindset Budget Planner, Budgeting Workbook, Budget Planner, A Monthly Spending Plan, Your Monthly Financial Goals, Savings / Income Tracker, Predefined Expense Categories

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What We Like

  • Features 12 unique colors for each month undated that makes it look attractive
  • Made of high-quality leather hardcover that makes it durable
  • Planner help to keep money organized, spend well, set and achieve financial goals


  • may have small boxes to check

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  • What buyers say about Budget Planner (12 Months Undated), Finance Journal, Expense Tracker, and Bill Organizer

    I have tried many phone apps and none of them helped me stay consistent and accountable, so I decided to get a physical item in front of me to help me balance my money.

    I will be tracking my retirement amount in October and it will be great to see my numbers grow or fluctuate, which is why I would like to see more motivational quotes about finance and success.

    It is great for keeping track of your monthly expenses because there is enough pages per month for the weeks and you can track your weekly spending as well.

    This book is exactly what I wanted in a budget book, it took a little while to get used to where to put certain numbers and whatnot but that was most likely user error, I love that it comes with 2 pockets, a dark black ink pen, stickers to make your monthly

    It's very redundant and I will probably never buy it again because I didn't like the set up of it.

    Common Questions


    How many pages are there for expense tracking per month?


    There are two pages for your Goal Tracker and Income and Savings Tracker. Next comes yourBill Tracker.


    Is there a monthly page for calander?


    You can plan each page based on the month it's happening.


    Is there an income/savings tracker for all of the 12 months? Also, does it have a debt tracker?


    It comes with envelopes in the back pocket that I have been using for mysavings, as well as all of the above.


    There are instructions on how to use it.


    It's self-explanatory, just do what each page tells you to do.


    The most important one to me is the goal tracker page, but I don't know how to get it.


    Can you put a plan of your own in one of the pockets at the backside of the beginning or end of the book?

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