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Acetyl L Carnitine (150 Capsules, 75 Day Supply) 1,000mg ALCAR

Exercise Endurance, Dl Carnitine Pills, The Usa, Brain Function Support, Your Muscles, Dl Carnitine

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What We Like

  • Infused with ALCAR that helps support cognitive function
  • Blended with natural ingredients that makes it safe for consumption
  • Contains L Carnitine that is able to pass through the blood brain barrier to support learning and memory


  • may leave salty taste in mouth

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  • What buyers say about Acetyl L Carnitine (150 Capsules, 75 Day Supply) 1,000mg ALCAR

    I have tried other products from Double Wood and I was happy with them, my family really likes their Theacrine, and this product is no exception.

    It helped me come down off of Adderall even after all of my research, if you drink a lot of coffee, energy drinks, take a lot of Adderall, or both.

    I have been using L-Carnitine and Inosine for over 30 years, and it's not a placebo effect.

    I love this 1000mgs ALC because it is so much more effective than the prior brand I was using.

    It was very effective at clearing up the brain and providing energy for the first 3 weeks or so, but then I stopped noticing the motivation improvement, but it still helped some in that area and with brain fog.

    Common Questions


    Is it vegan friendly or is there gelatine in the capsule?


    The capsule is made from gelatin.


    Does this increase your appiete?


    I've been taking it for a while and haven't had that happen.


    Does this product have any soy in it?


    I can't be sure if there's no soy but it seems like there wouldn't be.


    What is the country of origin?


    It's manufactured in the USA.


    Is there any Chinese ingredients in this?


    There are other non that are listed.

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