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NOW Supplements, Acetyl-L Carnitine 500 mg

Alc Is A Highly Bioavailable Form Of Carnitine That Can Cross The Blood-Brain Barrier, Transports Fatty Acids, Where It Helps To Manage Typical Oxidative Stress, Supports Mitochondrial Function

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What We Like

  • Comes in a tablet form that makes it easy to consume
  • Infused with ALC that helps to manage typical oxidative stress
  • Features no artificial colors that makes it safe for consumption


  • may give unpleasant odor

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  • What buyers say about NOW Supplements, Acetyl-L Carnitine 500 mg

    I will be calling customer service when I am not upset but I want a credit to use on other products because I feel like I have been ripped off.

    I use 4 caps of L-Carnitine before I start my cardiovascular work outs to boost my energy and help me finish my workouts without a problem, and after lifting heavy weights my body's glycogen storage levels are low, so I don't have to worry about running out of calories

    It's a great price and can definitely feel a difference, I think its best attribute is that it helps boost performance when working out, but along with diet and exercise I would say this is pound for pound the best fat burner your could invest in.

    I did not need to stop running, as I had been led to believe, because I did not see any of the extreme side effects that people mention with this supplement.

    I really liked the way your product worked for me, and I was surprised how quickly my order was processed, thanks Dr., I will continue to use your products and, you as my supplier!

    Common Questions


    Is it a free form version of acetyl l carnitine?


    Yes, it is, it is a free-form version of L-carnitine that can cross the blood-brain barrier.


    Does this have any soy in it?


    The back of the bottle says it's not manufactured with soy.


    Is the acetyl l-carnitine printed on the label in the US?


    The product is processed and packaged in the USA and is tested for heavy metals and other impurities before it is imported.


    Is it the same thing as "N-Acetyl"?


    It is not because they have different properties and effects.


    Is this free of gluten?


    The product does not contain wheat or gluten; however, it is not manufactured in a gluten-free facility, which is why the bottle does not say "gluten-free".

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