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Nutricost Lactobacillus Acidophilus 10 Billion CFU Vegetarian Capsules

120 Vegetarian Capsules, 10 Billion Cfu, Friendly Bacteria, Healthy Intestinal Flora

H&F Rating 53 reviews
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What We Like

  • Comes in a massive size that can easily hold up to 10 million CFU
  • Made with friendly bacteria that helps to improve intestinal health
  • Features gluten-free and non-GMO that makes it safe for consumption


  • may be heat sensitive

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Results of our analysis:

We analyzed 12,043 reviews for 47 products in the Acidophilus Nutritional Supplements category.

We then analyzed 53 reviews for this product. None were recent.

Around 75% of reviews were positive and about 21% were negative.

Final Score:

8.16 out of 10, based on these factors:

  • Customer support
  • Easy to swallow
  • Effectiveness
  • Ingredients quality
  • Overall satisfaction
  • Packaging
  • Portion size
  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Nutricost Lactobacillus Acidophilus 10 Billion CFU Vegetarian Capsules

    For the first week or few days, stay at home, but if you get better after that, you should be fine. I bought 2 bottles instead of 1 and I don't regret it.

    I am loving it here and I would recommend staying at home for the first week or a few days.

    I have been taking this for about a month and a half and it has helped me with my digestion, and I feel a lot better after certain meals.

    I decided one more and it worked, but not going to work.

    I received a bottle of Complete Probiotics from a friend and I have noticed a difference in how I feel.

    Common Questions


    Is there dairy in it?


    I am not able to tell, I work for me and am lactose tolerant.


    What is the strain of l. acidophilus?


    The bottle doesn't say which strain of L. Acidophilus is being used.


    Do they need to be refrigerated?


    We haven't kept it in the fridge. On the bottle it says to keep in a cool dry place.


    Does it help with weight gain?


    I didn't see any weight effects from this product, but after a couple days I noticed a reduction in bloated.


    What is the length of the expiration date?


    It usually states 2 years shelf life, but it's probably fine for 3-4.

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