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Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Vegetable Capsules

A Healthy Intestinal Flora, Dairy, 1.5 Billion Microorganisms, Healthy Intestinal Flora, 120 Vegetable Capsules Supports

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What We Like

  • Infused with l-acidic and non-acidic strains that provides a healthy intestinal pH level
  • Formulated with acidophilus that helps to improve intestinal health
  • Made with natural ingredients that make it safe for consumption


  • Seal maybe difficult to open

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  • What buyers say about Solgar Advanced Acidophilus Vegetable Capsules

    The Solgar Advanced 40 Plus Acidophilus Vegetable Capsules - Pack of 120 seem expensive but they are worth it if you want to improve your gut health. A couple of years ago, I had a mystery mark on my leg, and I'm happy to say that it's gone.

    I have been taking these tablets for a long time with my partner, and I have just discovered that they are suitable for people over the age of 40. I am not quite in the 40+ age range yet, but I think they will do me no harm.

    These are some of the best supplements I have ever taken for my health and well being, and they are some of the best I have ever heard of, especially for those with Irritable bowel Syndrome, as well as for general health and well being.

    I found that we are more exposed to chemical residues in foods that affect the beneficial bacteria of the gut, and that over 80% of our immunity comes from within the gut.

    I have had a lot of antibiotics in the past, and I think supplements have helped me by making me less sick and able to eat and digest a more varied diet.

    Common Questions


    Is this product free of gluten?


    I believe there is no gluten, the capsule only contains five different strains of beneficial bacteria.


    I'm not sure how many capsules it has, 120 count or 60 count?


    The bottle label is 60ct., but the listing is for 120ct. Mark Stearns.


    How many CFU's are in this product?


    The product label shows the CFUs per strain.


    Does this product have any potatoe starch in it?


    I don't know, it says it's free from yeast and sugar but I'm not sure about the potato starch.


    How can I use this product to make yogurt?


    I don't know how much or what strain ofbacteria is needed to make it from capsule due to different strains for different foods, but you can visit Amazon's "culture for health" store or their own website for all the detailed information to make yogurt and to purchase packets from.

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