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JS Music 30" Wood Classical Guitar with Case and Accessories

30 " Wood Classical Guitar, All Wood Construction, Accessories

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  • What buyers say about JS Music 30" Wood Classical Guitar with Case and Accessories

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    The guitar is very good, but the last 2 strings buzzed on the bridge, which was a dealbreaker for me when it arrived, but we put a twist-tie on the bridge to keep the strings tighter.

    I love the extras, especially the tuner, and my husband and I love taking time to learn together.

    The seller's customer service was great in resolving a problem with a guitar that we purchased that could not be fixed because of a defect.

    I think who was more excited about this guitar was me or my daughter, she loves it! She is learning how to play with YouTube video instructions.

    Common Questions


    There are more accessories in the picture than in the description.


    We only got the bag, strap, extra strings, and some picks.


    What is in the case?


    It's more like a bag than a case, it's soft canvas, maybe nylon.


    How do I attach the strap to the car?


    There is a black string included. Thread one end of the string through the eyelet on one end of the strap. Run one end of the string around the neck just below the tuning pins.


    Can you tell me what the make of wood is?


    I decided that it was too fragile for a 3 year old and bought a new guitar.


    Is this the right size for a 4 year old?


    I got the guitar for my 3.5 year old granddaughter, it's a big deal for her at the moment, but she can hold it.

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