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Pyle Beginner 30 Classical Acoustic Guitar

2 Nylon Strings, A Classical Guitar Set, Classical Acoustic Guitar, 1 4 Junior Size 6 String Linden Wood Guitar W/ Gig Bag, 18 Stringed Strings, A Beginners Guitar Set

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What We Like

  • Comes with a gig bag case that makes it easy to store
  • The junior scale 6 guitar string makes it ideal for use on stage performances
  • Features handcrafted wooden construction with linden wood body that ensures durability


  • may not stay tuned

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  • What buyers say about Pyle Beginner 30 Classical Acoustic Guitar

    I thought I would give him a real guitar because he loves music and playing it with his toy guitar.

    I've been looking at this for a while, and I've come to the conclusion that it's a great purchase, because you thread the other strap hole into the neck of the guitar and tie it around the strings just below the tuning pegs.

    I'm curious to see how it will work after a set up from the guitar shop and with some new strings.

    We received this as a birthday gift for my son, but we haven't given it to him yet, since we had to register within 7 days of purchasing.

    The guitar is beautiful, but the case was cheap and the string to hold the strap broke when we arrived, but they were very happy with it.

    Common Questions


    There is no place at the top for attaching the strap. Where do you attach it?


    It doesn't have a guitar strap locks, so you may purchase it using this website.


    Does it have an amplifier?


    It doesn't, we returned it and bought a higher quality item.


    My 4 year old has small hands, can you lower the action?


    The quality and sound are amazing, and it stays on track, even though my seven year old grand daughter was able to hold it just fine.


    Is the smell toxic?


    There is a toxic smell in wood and finish odors are expected.


    What is the material like?


    It sounds good to me.

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