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Best Choice Products Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Set 38in w/Case

This Beginner Guitar Starter Set, One Guitar Case, A Quality Sound, Treadmill Black, 5 String Selections, All Wood Cuttingaway Design, Complete Beginner Acoustic Guitar Kit

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7.88 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • Value for money
  • What buyers say about Best Choice Products Beginner Acoustic Guitar Starter Set 38in w/Case

    I can make it through a lot of songs now, which is all I ever wanted out of a guitar, and this is an absolutely perfect guitar to learn on.

    This guitar is a perfect gift for anyone who wants to learn to play, and the strap and gig bag are definitely on the basic side, but the tuner is a Godsend, and it hasn't left the headstock since I attached it.

    I wanted to be cheap so I could play it as much as my first guitar, but I think this guitar is a dream to play, and I have already learned how to finger a G, A, Am, D, E.

    I have been playing guitar for a few months now, and I have been able to play most of the bar and bass guitar riffs, but I still have a long way to go in learning how to play the F, and other bar and bass guitar riffs.

    I just bought my son a guitar and he loves it, it is a great beginner guitar and he doesn't have to worry about it breaking or damaging it for the price.

    Common Questions


    Is it left handeders?


    Not the one I purchased.


    Does it have strings on it already?


    I had to throw this guitar out because the pegs wouldn't hold for more than 2 minutes.


    Is there a stand for it?


    I don't know because this is agift for my grandson and you will have to check the website.


    Do you need to specify if you are left or right handed?


    If you play a guitar upside down, you have to restring it in reverse order.


    What is the thickness of the neck of this guitar?


    It's practical for a beginner and it's pretty thin.

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