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Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar Kit with Gig Bag

The Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar Measures In At 38 Inches And Has A Dreadnought Maple Neck And Strings That Fit Comfortably In A Bow Position. The Strings Are Made Of Cast Maple. The Strings Have A Single Coil That Is Threaded At The Center Of The Strings For Extra Strength And Durability.

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  • What buyers say about Martin Smith Acoustic Guitar Kit with Gig Bag

    It's a great guitar for beginners and it's easy to hold, so you don't feel bad if it ends up in the closet, because most of them can't get past the soreness on the finger tips.

    I downloaded youcisian and played a bit, and then tried the live class that came with it, and it was great, I know they aren't apart of the same company, but it made the purchase as a whole worth it and I'll just stick with it.

    It was a gift from my dad who wanted to learn how to play. It is easy to use and he says it is a good teaching aide.

    It seems like a very solid product and a great guitar for a beginner. I bought the guitar for my granddaughter as a gift and she loved it.

    I just started learning how to play acoustic songs on my guitar.

    Common Questions


    I want to buy more strings, what set should I buy?


    This guitar is a guitar that is guitar virtuoso unplayable.


    Does the guitar stay in tune?


    It is inexpensive, comes with a digital tuner, and is a beginner guitar does it really matter that much?


    Does the guitar have steel strings?


    Yes, they are steel strung.


    How do we attach the guitar strap to the guitar without putting in more than one nut?


    To tie at the neck above the frets, you use the strings on the opposite end.


    What's the product support?


    It's a guitar.

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