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Music Alley Kids Acoustic Guitar 6 String Classical

An Ideal Gift For Any Guitar Lover, Strings Measure 34 Inches In Length. This And Its Lightweight Linden Body Makes It, The Ideal Kid'S Guitar Or Beginner Guitar., This And Its Lightweight Linden Body Makes This, The Ideal Kid'S Guitar Or Beginner Guitar. String Classical

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  • What buyers say about Music Alley Kids Acoustic Guitar 6 String Classical

    I wanted a guitar that was good enough that my children would want to take up guitar, but also that it was affordable, so I chose the one that was good enough for me.

    The one I received plays well when the strings stop stretching, it's pretty easy to play and I've tried it before.

    The guitar arrived quickly and was well packaged, the strings are still settling down, but will need tuning a bit when new.

    I really like the sound of this guitar, but it's not up there with my Yamaha, and its poor quality and dreadful appearance makes me wonder if it's really good.

    The strap is to be used on an acoustic, through or around the head stock.

    Common Questions


    Do you tune this guitar the same as a full sized guitar?


    It sounded fine to me, but I am not a musician, and I could not tune a guitar without using an electronic tuner, so maybe a real musician should weigh in on this question for a definitive answer.


    Is it possible to convert this guitar for a left-handed player?


    It would not be very hard to switch over, since the nut would need to be recut or changed out.


    Is there a way to keep this guitar in tune?


    I use the guitar tuna app on my phone to tune it as needed.


    Is it an acoustic?


    Yes, it's a nylon string with no electronics.


    Is it possible to attach a strap to this guitar?


    You shouldn't use a strap for acoustic guitars, they're meant to be played sitting down.

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