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Smartxchoices 30" Kids Electric Guitar with 5W Amplifier

An Attractive Blue Color, 30 " Kids Electric Guitar, A 5W Amplifier, A Guitar Strap, Smartxchoices, A Solid Body, A Guitar Accessory Kit, Kids Electric Guitar

H&F Rating 76 reviews
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7.33 out of 10, based on these factors:

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  • What buyers say about Smartxchoices 30" Kids Electric Guitar with 5W Amplifier

    I don't know how it will hold a tune when it settles in, but it wasn't out of tune after tuning yesterday, and I had to make sure the cord stayed in on both sides.

    This is a very workable one, the body looks better than most in this price range, the sound is fine, I unpacked it, tune it, and tested it pretty thoroughly.

    She wants to play so much, now she can, thanks to the package that SmartxChoices put together.

    It's worth the money because the amplifier sounds good, the guitar feels good, and I like how they put extra strings in the guitar because one of my strings fell off.

    I bought this product for my son and it turned out to be useless.

    Common Questions


    I don't know if it's a good connection or if the guitar will work, but the cord isn't a good fit for it.


    The cord doesn't plug into a guitar or amplifier.


    Does anyone know of a wall adapter that works with the Amp?


    All you have to do is make sure the plug fits, round with a hole in the middle, and the amperage is right (500mA).


    Is this a scam?


    I bought it for my nephew and he absolutely loves it, it is not a scam.


    Is it possible to plug a microphone into this amplifier?


    It comes with a cord to hook up a guitar amplifier, but nothing for a microphone.


    Does it come in a single box?


    Yes, it arrived in one box.

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