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My Autobiography Charles Chaplin 1964 hardback

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  • What buyers say about My Autobiography Charles Chaplin 1964 hardback

    His talent took him to the top of the pyramid but his childhood was poor and terrible, and his romances tragic, but he met everyone who was anyone. His last decades with his wife, Oona, and their eight children finally brought him a much deserved happiness and peace.

    I would have read this book if I had known that he had written it before. The genius in his own words, not ghost written, tells his story and shares his point of view about everything important to him.

    I had not realized how many different things he could do, despite the fact that he only had two years of education at an orphanage.

    The world got to enjoy Charlie Chaplin. The book is well written and worth a read.

    I had read a lot of bad reviews before buying this book. But, I was very happy with the quality of the book and the service that Amazon provided.

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