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Virendra Rathore Switch On - Switch Off Acting Method (Hindi Edition)

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  • What buyers say about Virendra Rathore Switch On - Switch Off Acting Method (Hindi Edition)

    I purchased this amazing switch on - switch off method acting book of our legend mentor Mr. Virendra Rathore and I would recommend it to all my actor friends.

    One of the best acting books ever written is one where anyone can understand about acting from home if they do each exercise in it and it will help you realize your dream of becoming an actor in Bollywood.

    It is very easy to read and learn, and with the technical guidelines it is a sure shot to get into teaching acting through books.

    The book is written by Virendra Rathore and it is easy to read and comprehend.

    This book is best for anyone who wants to make a career in acting, please purchase it on Amazon!

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