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Jenna Fischer, The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide

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  • What buyers say about Jenna Fischer, The Actor's Life: A Survival Guide

    Maybe you are an aspiring actor, and they should have put that on the cover. I can already tell you that this book is for you, and you will be successful before you even start reading its pages.

    I picked this book because it was inviting, had good reviews, and was a good audiobook. As opposed to a straight autobiography, this book is geared to actors in training.

    The challenges of being an actor are just one of the many challenges that she covers in her book, "How to Become an An actor." She also covers the challenges of finding a career, learning a hobby, finding your interests, and about life in general.

    When researching my own novel Casting Couch Boogie, I read two books, one by Kym Jackson and the other by Jenna, to learn about the pitfalls of going to Hollywood to try to make it as a film star.

    The girls are working at a nightspot and playing in a rock band in the hopes of becoming the house band at the club.

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