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My Hero Academia, Vol. 26 (26), Kohei Horikoshi

26 (26) ; Kohei Horikoshi

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  • What buyers say about My Hero Academia, Vol. 26 (26), Kohei Horikoshi

    Fuyumi is trying to bring the family together, but she is not happy, so she wants to make Natsuo happy, even though she is not happy.

    This is a problem that my hero Academia volume 26 addresses by providing us with some great character development for the UA trio as well as continuing to explore one of the series most fascinating characters in Endeavor.

    I'm happy that it looks cute so far, and I'm rating it five stars because it's probably going to be good.

    I am very happy with this volume, it is calm before the storm and the team is dynamic and fights with shoto, midoriya and bakugo.

    The plan is to have all of them move to a different home so they can live with their mom, while endeavor stays alone.

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