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Samus amiibo (Super Smash Bros Series)

Your Amiibo, Build Your Own Custom Super Smash Bros. Amiibo, The Super Smash Bros. Wii U Game, Your Smash Bros. Amiibo Gear, Super Smash Bros Series

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  • What buyers say about Samus amiibo (Super Smash Bros Series)

    It's a huge missed opportunity to play as your particular figure instead of relegating it to the computer, and add pseudo-RPG elements to the game.

    I have amiibos and have learned how to get the most out of them, as well as being compatible with the Wii U and the new Nintendo 3DS lines.

    The best way to use these figures in the virtual worlds is to connect them to each other, and hopefully they will be better integrated in the future.

    "Registering the amiibos is very easy to do and you can get them at a lower price if you do it right.", "the amiibo on the character selection screen is recognised by the Wii U gamepad."

    They play blind and act dumb, but play better than the regular ones, and maybe it's because they can't recognize the input device that a fellow amiibo will do.

    Common Questions


    Is Lucina already sold out?


    I haven't gotten an alert saying they're in stock since all wave 4 Amiibos have the notification aleart.


    Is the Fire Emblem character Marth sold out at this time? Other places seem to have him in stock.


    It is likely that Marth will not have the same base as the Super Smash Bros. version, as Nintendo has announced that they will be bringing him back at a later time.


    Is Robin already sold out?


    It was up for 25 seconds, around 3 minutes after the time Amazon said they may start posting it, and I was one of the lucky few who refreshed the buying options page at the right time.


    Why isn't Marth, Villager, or Wii Fit Trainer available?


    Nintendo's official word on the subject is that Marth will be available again in April.


    She passed at 3:30, was she ever available at all, or was this just a bait-and-switch?


    I was constantly refreshing the page and nothing at all happened, I wanted this amiibo badly, I don't know what the heck happened.

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