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Elite Force Army Ranger Action Figures 5 Pack Military Toy Soldiers Playset

Realized Realistic Action Figure, Action Figure, Pack Military Toy Playset, Elite Force Army Action Figure, Show Me The Buttons

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What We Like

  • Feature ultra-realistic details encourage realistic role play
  • Easy to bend their arms and legs to create endless poses
  • Comes with over 10 points of articulation that makes it ideal for play


  • may be small in size

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  • What buyers say about Elite Force Army Ranger Action Figures 5 Pack Military Toy Soldiers Playset

    I asked my son how he liked them, he said they were ok, but my guys leg broke off after barely using it, so I can't get any of the guys to hold their weapons like in the picture.

    They come with small pieces that are likely to be lost, so I wouldn't let a child under 3 play with them.

    The army figures are durable and my son loves playing with them.

    I bought these for my grandson and they are very poseable, because I read a previous review that said they have 12 points that move.

    We gave this set to my son for his birthday and we bought another set for my nephew's 7th birthday.

    Common Questions


    Someone has 3 inches, another person has 6 inches. What is the hold-up?


    Each one is 4 inches tall.


    I'm assuming the dog is separated from the figure shown next to it.


    Yes. You will have 5 figures including the dog.


    I have seen varying answers to the question of how tall these figures are.


    The Maxx Action figures are 6 feet tall and have been verified by the manufacturer, we are a authorized seller of Maxx Action figures.


    Do the figurines' knees bend?


    Elbow, knee, waist, arms and head turns are all part of the rotation.


    Is the size compatible with GI Joes?


    The GI Joe group advertised as 1:18 is a 4 ft tall model.

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