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Elite Force Marine Recon Action Figures 5 Pack Military Toy Soldiers Playset

Exclusive Scout Packs, Realized Fighting Gear, 5 Pack Military Toy Playset Realistic Gear, Machine Guns, American Hero Action Figure Pack, Realized Battle Wear, Realized Battle Scars, Elite Force Marine Action Recon, 4 Marine Figures

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  • What buyers say about Elite Force Marine Recon Action Figures 5 Pack Military Toy Soldiers Playset

    The details are better than GI Joe from the 80s.

    He loved everything and it was a great price that my nephew and his cousins love.

    I bought them for my grandsons, they loved them, I had two sons in the Marines and served in Iraq.

    This is a great value for detailed soldiers from all the military branches. My nephew and his cousins love it.

    They look pretty good, but haven't opened the package yet.

    Common Questions


    The action figures uniforms look green in the first photo, but in the second photo they look tan.Are they green or tan?


    There are green and some tan ones, they also have removal parts, it's very nice, and my 5 year old grandson loves them.


    Is there a seller that ships to Italy?


    If you just place the order, it should walk you through.


    Is it possible that these fit in the elite forces humvee?


    I've found that soldiers and vehicles don't have to fit together when they're made by the same manufacturer, as seems to be the case with your query, and the difficulties more so when trying to match units with vehicles made by other companies.


    Does the knee bend?


    I don't know, they were sent to my grandson.


    Does the gun scale good with 6 inch figures?


    Yes, everything is proportional.

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