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McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Superman Action Comics #1000 Action Figure

Dc Multiverse Superman Action Comic #1000 Action Figure, Action Figure, Up To 22 Moving Parts, Ultra Articulation, A Flight Stand

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  • What buyers say about McFarlane Toys DC Multiverse Superman Action Comics #1000 Action Figure

    I am very pleased with the first releases, as they are very high quality, with a surprising amount of articulation, and the average amount of accessories you would expect with a $20 figure, but that doesn't mean that Batman isn't my favorite of this wave.

    The sculpt is great, the color pallet is just right, the paint application is very realistic, and the stand is neat, you can get him into all sorts of cool poses.

    I was not one of the people who were upset about the shades of blue and red previous figures had, but I do have my preferences, and this figure is just about perfect in that regard.

    The wide emblem stretches across his chest, and I like that the cape doesn't have the Superman emblem on the back.

    I think this is a pretty good depiction of Superman, it looks a bit like Christopher Reeve circa 1978, but you also get a pair of interchangeable hands.

    Common Questions


    What is the height of the action figure?


    They are not related to marvel or hasbro so I am glad they don't scale with other lines of figures.


    I don't know if a six-year old would like it, but it is for age 12+.


    It's more of a set up and look at display, like most McFarlane toys. The details are amazing and it's meant to be appreciated not plaid with.


    Isn't the same one at Walmart for $15?


    It is probably clearanced out in the first wave, that's why it is.


    I want to give it to my friend but I'm afraid it will fall off his dash. How secure is the stand around the figure?


    The stand broke for me because I let it bounce too much and it put a lot of strain on the weak plastic when you don't keep it still.


    Is it in a box?


    All of our products are new-in-package and factory sealed, and they are shipped in a New corrugated box with packing material for protection.

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