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Transmers Transformers Toys Heroic Bumblebee Action Figure

Action Figure, Detail-Rich Sculpts, Pristine, A Striking Yellow Toy Car, The Transformers Store, The Classic Conversion Play

Created with Raphaël
H&F Rating 96 reviews
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  • What buyers say about Transmers Transformers Toys Heroic Bumblebee Action Figure

    These are a great toy for kids who love transformer. I got these for my 3 and 5 year old boys and they were very excited about playing with them.

    I received a bumblebee transformer for my 3 year old's birthday and I think it's great, but there is a little more to it for him to transform but after showing him a couple times he got it no problem.

    Even though it is rated for children a bit older, several reviews for it said that younger ones can enjoy it if they are shown how to transform it.

    It's a great toy if parents want to give it to their kids. I had my 3 year old teach me how to make it, since my husband threw out the box that showed how to do it.

    I and my grandparents are very happy because the robot does not make sounds. My son needs some help with the last movement to make the robot become a car and back.

    Common Questions


    How do I install batteries?


    There were no batteries needed.


    Can my child make it "fly" off the 2nd story balcony and it survive a drop onto the grass?


    I don't think that would be a good idea.


    Does the tire roll in the car mode?


    They are, when you transform to car mode, they move like a car.


    Is it strong and can the legs fall off easily? There is a smaller version that needs to be put back on.


    My son has not broken any of its arms or legs, yet, but I think that is pretty good.


    What makes this worth $44?


    Don't buy from scalpers, the retail price is 19.99.

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