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Transformers Toys Heroic Optimus Prime Action Figure

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  • What buyers say about Transformers Toys Heroic Optimus Prime Action Figure

    My great-grandsons live 2000 miles from me and I was able to select a gift for them and send it through Amazon Prime, which made me very happy, especially during this cold and flu season, when I can't go out to shop.

    The toy was stiff when we first got it, but has loosened up a bit with use, my son loves it, and it's not supposed to pop off if you try to move them in directions they aren't supposed to.

    This is a good toy for the 4 year old grandson, and he has been asking for it since last Christmas.

    I was able to get it before my grandson was due, and he was very happy.

    I decided to buy this product because it looked larger than others and it turns into a nice-looking truck, which is what this boy just loved.

    Common Questions


    Has anyone else had a problem with the head popping off? I didn't have it for 24 hours and the head popped off twice.


    Our son is 3 years old and still plays with it, we did not have a problem with it.


    What is the height of this figure in robot mode?


    It is about 12 inches tall.


    Is it too difficult for a 7 year old to transform into optimus?


    I can't remember the exact measurement, but my grandson loved it and it was nice size, over a foot.


    How do I turn it from Optimus to the truck? I can't get the front cab to shift down so it's level with the rear wheels.


    Step by step, my son helped me with the bending of his body portion.


    What is the weight of this unit?


    I'm not sure the exact weight but it's made out of plastic and my 2 year old and my oldest don't have a problem with it.

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