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Transformers Toys Studio Series 49 Deluxe Class Movie 1 Bumblebee Action Figure

Bambee Action Figure Kids Ages 8 & Up, Resealable Plastic, Durable, Studio Series Deluxe Class, The Highly Detailed And Vibrant Color, Pristine Sculpt, 4.5-Inch Collectible Action Figures, Spacious Storage Compartments

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  • What buyers say about Transformers Toys Studio Series 49 Deluxe Class Movie 1 Bumblebee Action Figure

    If your child was raised with the belief that a challenge is meant to be conquered, don't give them this one step changing transformer for younger children.

    The figure is a solid one, with all the joints solid, and the weapon works well, and is much better than the swapable arm on previous versions.

    The definitive movie 1 Bee is the TFmation, which borrows from all the best previous Bee molds and brings us the finest representation of the original bee, with unique twists on how to get from Alt mode to Bot mode.

    I bought this as a gift for my nephew and it was an amazing price of $22. This is a 6inch action figure and he can have it for his birthday.

    It is easily the best version of Bee that has been released. It does not fall apart like the first version, or feel like it was rushed like theBB Movie version.

    Common Questions


    What is the size of it?


    It could be as little as 6-10 inches. It's a pain in the butt for an adult.


    What is the height of it?


    Don't buy this, it falls apart, and it's legit, but I guess it also depends on the age groups, and if they like putting things back together a lot.


    I paid for this item a week ago and it has not shipped. What is the reason?


    Many of my items have been doing the same thing, probably due to the covid 19 situation.


    Does bumblebee have no face?


    No. That's the only face he has, but that is the best bumblebee I have ever seen.


    Is it possible for the sudio series to hold other weapons like a sword from the studio series?


    If the sword can fit, it will probably consider the studio series figure as having the same size hole in their hand.

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