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Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm Amazon Exclusive

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  • What buyers say about Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends Farm Amazon Exclusive

    One of the best toys we have had so far is the farm figure, it can be played without the farm itself, and it can be moved around the room as a case, I even used it with all the toys inside.

    The toy has always been a great way to foster a child's imagination, and the current version is portable and compact, making it one of the best.

    I'm pretty sure this will be given to next generations for time to come, and I believe you can purchase additional animals if you want to.

    I know that my son played with it when he was 2 years old, and he got his second hand from someone who played with it a decade earlier. Now, I have grandchildren, and this turns out to be the perfect gift for them.

    This is a very similar toy to a Little People House that my siblings and I played with as a child and I hope that the kids in the family will enjoy it just as much as we did.

    Common Questions


    Does the farm set make sounds and plays music?


    They make farm sounds and music when you open the doors.


    I'm not sure if this is connected to otherLP playsets.? The "Fun Sounds" farm says it is, but this one doesn't.


    My daughter has the Fun Sounds Farm, that connects to other playsets via fence and other connecting pieces.


    Which animal sounds specific, and if it plays any other songs, what sounds does this barn make?


    When you open one of the gates there is a loud cow mooing, goat beating, chicken crowing, horse neighing, pig grunting, sheep baa-ing, and a short 11 note music bite with animal noises.


    What is the length of the 7 figures?


    The figures are an average of one and a half inches.


    Does it need any tools or does it come all ready?


    My son loves it, it's a great toy, he plays with the whole animals, and I only needed to attach them using a screw.

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