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Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends - Black & White

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  • What buyers say about Fisher-Price Little People Animal Friends - Black & White

    If you have had Little People figurines in the past, you may have been expecting the same soft plastic/rubber feel, single mold body and muted colors, the current ones are a bit more colorful and made of a harder plastic.

    The colors are brighter and the animals are more detailed, so although some might not like the difference, I still find them to be cute, durable and a great toy for all young ages.

    The set I received looked good and the grandkids used them to create a town of their own in another brand. Thank you for taking the time to read my review and if it helped you make an informed decision, please let me know by taking this product.

    We have many Little People sets, and I picked up some animals for our girls to use with the safari, since they generally feel free to mix and match, as our Little People super heroes make regular appearances at the nativity.

    The "share and care" animals are more difficult to build than the other ones and I like the heavy construction.

    Common Questions


    Are they as soft as the farm animals?


    I replaced the horse from the newest farm set with these and thought they were the same, but these are hard.


    Will they fit other toys or just the safari?


    They fit the zoo and other vehicles.


    Is there a hole in the bottom of the farm tracter trailer to fit the safaris animals?


    I know that the farm animals have a hole in the bottom, but I don't know about the safaris animals.


    I don't understand why something is called Prime but doesn't ship for months.


    I don't know if it was made in China or not, but I got mine within a couple of days.


    Is it possible to get a baby little girl?


    My son and niece are adorable little farm animals, so I love them all.

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