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Kaskey Kids Football Guys: Green vs. Black Inspires Imagination with Open-Ended Play

Open Ended Play

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  • What buyers say about Kaskey Kids Football Guys: Green vs. Black Inspires Imagination with Open-Ended Play

    The field has held up well, not one of the figures has gotten broke, and my kids are rough on toys, so they don't use the guys that came with it.

    This is a great tool for us to teach him and he can re-enactment plays he sees on TV. The felt "field" is hard to lay flat and it moves easily, knocking the football players over.

    Kaskey football guys set was the first thing my son asked to play at our house when he was 5 years old, and he loves them so much he has played with them many times over the last several months.

    I was able to use these at my husband's sports themed party and they looked awesome, I recommend them to bakers or anyone who wants to learn the game in a fun way.

    I thought this would be a perfect gift for him because he had been playing with his toy cars and pretending to be a football player.

    Common Questions


    Can the field be ironed, and does it include a loose ball?


    There is information on the product product page about the kit that comes with everything needed for play a game, as well as instructions for ironing outwrinkles.


    Why is the green set more expensive than the other colors?


    The set in the containers is more expensive because it comes with the felt football field and goals.


    How much time does it take to shop to the U.k?


    Since we are an Amazon FBA Seller, you will need to contact Amazon customer service to ask how long the product will be on its way.


    Is there a score board included?


    We don't include a board game with Football Guys, just with our Baseball Guys set.


    Is there a way to get another field goal? My boy got stepped on and I have a very sad boy.


    We had a similar problem, but it was able to be glue.

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