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2 Strips Fleischmann’s RAPID RISE INSTANT YEAST


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  • What buyers say about 2 Strips Fleischmann’s RAPID RISE INSTANT YEAST

    I would like to say thank you for selling this for the right price and for the small note you put on the packet.

    I was very pleased with the quality of my bread from the blend of yeast and dry ingredients.

    I liked the blend of yeast and dry ingredients that my bread came out excellent, and it was great value for the money.

    I made the best bread I have ever made. Just had to mix yeast with other ingredients.

    Fishlemans has been used by me for a long time. I like that it comes in individual packets.

    Common Questions


    What is the number of ounces in a packet?


    Each packet has 4oz.


    What is the last date of use?


    It is February 13, 2022.


    Is this price correct, if six packets of yeast cost $1.25 in the store?


    Yes, but when there are no stores to pay, we will usually pay.


    Why is the price so high?


    There are shortages due to COVID 19


    Is it the same thing as "instant dry yeast"?


    They also have a instant yeast in red packets and I believe it will just depend on your what you are making as both are instant.

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