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Lalvin - UX-Y1XE-IDOI Wine Yeast 71B Yeast

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  • What buyers say about Lalvin - UX-Y1XE-IDOI Wine Yeast 71B Yeast

    I used these for making a traditional Mead and it worked well, adding another Quart of honey after a month and no issues.

    I had some initial levels of sulfur on the nose during early ferment, but they were quickly reduced and I hope several round of racking over the next month or two will fix this.

    I have seen some bad reviews of this yeast, but it is not bread yeast, it is a yeast that works well for making fruitmel, and it works like a charm.

    The process of fermentation using 71B has been bad, and every batches of wines, ciders and meads has either ruined or needs to bebabied with nutrients to finish.

    It's great to be able to get stuff like this online, since there aren't many home brew stores near me.

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