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BROKIG Mens Zip Joggers Pants

M(Waist 28-32"), Joggers Pants Casual Gym Workout Track Pants Comfortable Slim Fit Tapered Sweatpants, L(Waist 31 35"), Size Chart(Waist 26 30", 35% Polyester, 65% Cotton, L(Waist 31 35, Size Chart(Waist 26-30"

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  • What buyers say about BROKIG Mens Zip Joggers Pants

    If you wash them a lot, the seams in the crotch may start to itch, but they are comfortable and come in a variety of sizes.

    The pants are very good quality and the customer service is excellent, so if you want light to medium weight sweatpants with a skinny fit, you should buy them again.

    They are long enough at the top for the elastic band to not be under your belly and long enough to be exactly above your sneakers, so they are more than just workout clothes.

    I bought these for my daughter to ride her bike in, and they are my favorite, I have 3 of these type of athletic pants for the purpose, but these are hands down my favorite.

    If you want to fit a bit snug, you should buy a size down, I like my joggers to fit a bit snug, I own a few pairs of them and they are the only joggers I wear.

    Common Questions


    I was wondering how light and thin are these sweatpants?


    I wore these one time and they trashed the zippers the second time I wore them.


    I am a size 34 waists 200 lbs. should I get an Xxl or selis?


    I'm the same size, got size large and they're comfortable, but closer to wearing yoga pants or running tights.


    Where are these manufactured?


    They run very thin in the legs so be ware of shipping back.


    I'm 5'7" 150 lbs and 30in waist, what size should I get?


    I couldn't help but offed and it was so small I could fit my feet in.


    Do you know if there is a plan to produce more colors of these pants?


    I am a body builder and my waist is 36".

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