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Mgaolo Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

Mgaolo Fitness Tracker, Blood Pressure Heart, Blood Pressure Monitor, all day activities, IP68 Waterproof Activity Tracker, Pedometer Calorie Step Counter, sleep Monitor, calories, only about 1 hour, Fit Smart Watch, Smart Function, App, USB Charge(no cable

Created with Raphaël
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What We Like

  • Helps in automatic tracking of daily calorie consumption
  • Physiological period reminder feature records menstrual cycles and create humanized reminders
  • IP68 waterproof build allows to use the device while swimming


  • Inaccurate conversion of steps to distance

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About Mgaolo Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

The watch will track your sleep from 22:00 pm to 8:00 am. Then it will tell exactly the depth and the length to you according to recognize your body movements and heart rate changes. Sleep data updated every 24 hours, please don't think it doesn't work when you get up. APP language English, Japanese, Korean, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Vietnamese, Chinese, traditional Chinese, and traditional Japanese. Compatibility Android 4.4 above & IOS 8.0 above, Bluetooth Sedentary Reminder reminds us to relax when we sit and work for a long time. The physiological period reminder will record women's menstrual cycles and provide humanized reminders service during that special time. IP68 waterproof index of the merchandise helps you carefree while swimming, diving, or taking e shower. The watch only needs to be taken off before the hot bath. The practicable APP H band app provides powerful compatibility for iOS 8.0 & android 4.4 or above with Bluetooth 4.0.

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  • What buyers say about Mgaolo Fitness Tracker with Blood Pressure Heart Rate Sleep Monitor

    I've been satisfied for the most part with this item. Could be better but I got a decent value for my money..

    Common Questions


    Can you give me the measurement across the face of the watch, width and length?


    It's not quite as big as some of the other humongous things, but it is 2 inches long and 1/3 of an inch wide.


    I don't know if it will detect the sports mode or if I have to select it before starting the exercise.


    You have to choose.


    Is this "black" color inside and outside the band?


    Yes, it is black on the inside of the van.


    Is the blood pressure values accurate?


    I hope mine are accurate because they are healthy and on track, but the readings from the watch are lower than the doctors readings.


    Does this record strength training? If not, what does it track?


    You can start the walk/run mode and track a work out with it.

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