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Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds 600 Counts Refill Pack

You Can Use It For A Range, I.E. Reflexology To The Ear. With Proper Placement, Effective Ear Seeds: These Small Seeds Provide Constant Stimuli To The Acupressure Points

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What We Like

  • Features small seeds that provides constant stimuli to the acupressure points
  • The seeds can be used for a range of conditions such as weight loss, back pain, headache and stress
  • The attached adhesive stickers provide proper placement


  • may not show instant results

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  • What buyers say about Dragon Acupuncture Ear Seeds 600 Counts Refill Pack

    The use of these acupuncture seeds in myChiropractor's practice is a great tool for healing and reducing pain, as well as eliminating it, and has a 1000 year history of success in Eastern.

    I have been using ear seeds for years with Chinese herbal treatments, and they have a very positive effect on spiritual Awakening.

    I got them from the company that said they were good quality. I use them all the time on my family.

    The package arrived in time, it was received by me quickly, I like how it helps me release the pain and move the focus to positive things.

    These ear seeds are great because they are potent, comfortable and last a long time.

    Common Questions


    Are the seeds from a plant or magnet? Do they help with focus during basketball?


    It is possible to grow these natural seeds, but you will need to dry them and remove them from their shells before you can get the black beads.


    Is there a better benefit to one over the other?


    If you have very sensitive skin, we recommend using Vaccaria seeds because they are small enough to exert pressure on the auricular points.


    I'm searching for a ear seed that helps with herion cravings.


    It can help reduce withdrawal syndromes, curb cravings, and mitigate damages done to the body by stimulating various ear acupressure points using ear seeds, even if the person is addicted to a different substance.


    Is it possible that they are shipping from China?


    We received them in about 3 days here in WV.


    Are the magnets or seeds in the 600 package round or square patches?


    There are 2 types of magnetic beads, the first one has 300 counts of beads, the other has less.

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