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ROPPYAR Five Chen Pure Moxa Rolls, ShangPin Moxa Rolls for Moxibustion (20 Rolls in Total)

Because They Contain Less Impurities., The Higher Purity Moxa Rolls Are Easy To Light, The Fire Is Gentle With Uniform Heat Can Warm The Acupuncture Point And The Strong Penetrating Could Make Feel Relaxed., Tra

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  • What buyers say about ROPPYAR Five Chen Pure Moxa Rolls, ShangPin Moxa Rolls for Moxibustion (20 Rolls in Total)

    Guasha is a type of meditation and can be done while listening to music. If you take your time, you can develop the skill of keeping it away from the body.

    I was happy with the price, it was not as expensive as I thought, and the brand is nice because you don't have to peel back the outside paper.

    This herb works better than medicine if you have cold sores, and it also works better thanAcupuncture. Fallowing the rules, you will have better circulation, and it will get rid of the body water retention.

    I ordered several packages immediately after seeing it was Get it on Amazon, but when I opened the package, the smell was not natrual Moxa.

    I am very stimulated by this product, it's important that you think and intent is a big part of all healing.

    Common Questions


    What are the differences between 5:1 and 8:1?


    5:1 mean is 5 kilogrammes of artemisiae argyi extract, 8:1 mean is 8 kilogrammes, so the 8:1 moxa is better than 5:1.


    Is this a hard "charcoal" stick or a loose "herb" wrapped in paper?


    I enjoy the herb stick outdoors during the summer and fall and I use the charcoal smokeless ones, which are the only ones that have a strong but pleasant herbal odor.


    What are smokeless Mona rolls used for?


    It works to improve blood flow to the area applied, so it will work good on any type of pain, including muscle strain due to stress or over work and cramps.


    What holder would you recommend?


    I'm new at this, I just bought one of the box holders for 6.00, I put the moxa roll through the top part with the holes, and I just hold that with the moxa roll and put it close to the area, this works for me.


    Does anyone know the difference between pure and tai yi rolls?


    I think the roll is called "tai yi" and it's made of moxa only.

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