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NICEAUTY Natural Gua Sha Jade Stone Guasha Board for Facial Skincare Scraping Massage Tools

The Ultra Smooth Surface, Extended Arc Design Gua Sha Scraping Massage Tools, Niceauty Natural Gua Sha Jade Stone Guasha Board, The Daily Scraping Tools

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What We Like

  • The guasha helps increase the flow of blood and relieves muscle pain
  • The extended curve design makes it more accessible to parts of the all body
  • Equipped with an exquisite gift box that makes it ideal for gifting purposes


  • may arrive with broken due to ordinary packaging

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  • What buyers say about NICEAUTY Natural Gua Sha Jade Stone Guasha Board for Facial Skincare Scraping Massage Tools

    I never thought that a small jade stone could do so much, but I am curious about how massage can help you look younger, contour and lift, smooth, de-congest, de-puff, and liven the skin by promoting blood flow.

    If you use the guasha on your face with the same essential oils or skin care products, it will be easier to use and lift and tighten your skin.

    I bought this facial guasha tool after my friend recommended it, and she told me that it can help my skin absorb more skin care products, and help me look younger, and smooth, and de-congest.

    It is very soft and feels good on the skin. I can't wait to see the results after a few months.

    I like to put the gua sha acupuncture beauty tool in the freezer for 30 minutes before using it, so it can get the most out of it.

    Common Questions


    Is the gua sha stone helpful for treating the signs of aging around the eyes?


    I think it will take some more time to try it out, but I like it.


    How is this better than just using your hand to massage your face?


    I like this guasha tool more for facial massage, it's smooth than with your hands to massage with your face, and jade is good for our health.


    Will the gua sha massage tool hurt the skin?


    It is made of natural jade with a smooth surface and cool feel, so don't worry about hurting your skin.


    Is the gua sha tool a good size for legs?


    It has a nice shape, and bigger than the others I bought before, so it is more labor-saving, and suitable for the whole body, such as face, shoulders,legs and waist.


    Will they be replaced if they break or refund?


    They will give you a full refund if they send you a new one.

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