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ROSENICE 600 Counts Acupuncture Vaccaria Ear Seeds Acupressure Kit (10 Sheets)

Pressure Points, Ear Acupoint, Vaccaria Ear Seeds Disposable Ear Press Seeds Multi Condition Ear Seed Acupressure Kit

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  • What buyers say about ROSENICE 600 Counts Acupuncture Vaccaria Ear Seeds Acupressure Kit (10 Sheets)

    I found these on TikTok and they were supposed to block hunger receptors, which is something I have tried many ways to suppress the habit of binge eating.

    They are great, I have showered in them, and I have exercised with them, they don't come off.

    The seeds are a little tricky to put on, and it can take a while to get them on, but once I got them in place they stayed for a week of showers.

    These are great for a week and are very easy to put on.

    I like that he helps me put these on the pressure points with my allergies.

    Common Questions


    Where can you get instructions on placement?


    I did not get any instructions.


    I have had some people that lose their ability to adhere to the skin when they remove from the package backing.


    They adhere to skin for a long time when one cleans the area with rubbing alcohol first to remove any lotion, body oil or dirt.


    Is it better to remove it and put new ones if it doesn't come off after a few days?


    If the seeds start to peel off, I think it's time to replace them. The trick is to get them back in the same spot, since I've had some stay in place for two or three weeks while others start to come off.


    I don't know if they are from another country.


    We can't give you a definite date of delivery as it's an international shipment.


    I ordered 2 items, one shipped to my daughter and one to me. Can you give me instructions on how to return them?


    You should look up acupuncture for your conditions because you need to know the acu-points.

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